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We are like solid blocks of marble; in order to see what we truly are, we must begin to carve into ourselves, piece by piece, with precision and patience, in order to discover the contours of the statue that lies dormant within. This is the task of philosophy.



Alexander Earl currently teaches theology and philosophy at a college-preparatory school in Santa Monica, California, and holds a Masters of Arts in Religion and Philosophical Theology from Yale Divinity School. He is a frequent contributor to the blog Eclectic Orthodoxy, has appeared in the Marginalia Review of Books, and you can find his academic work in journals like the International Philosophical Quarterly. His interests focus on the intersection of Christian theology and Platonic philosophy in late-antiquity, especially combating popular myths that dichotomize the two. He is currently writing four-year curricula in theology and philosophy for secondary education. In his spare time, Alexander leads “The Areopagus,” a forum dedicated to engaging contemporary issues—academic or otherwise—from an Eastern Orthodox perspective. The Areopagus aims to provide philosophical and theological grounding for engaging the richness of the Orthodox tradition.


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The Areopagus

Areopagus Sermon,  Raphael

Areopagus Sermon, Raphael


“What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you”

The Areopagus begin with this Pauline evangelical spirit; everyone desires to worship, but not all objects of worship are deserving of devotion. There is a spiritual and intellectual hunger that needs to be fed. To provide sustenance, members gather together for a salon-style presentation and discussion, which engages in literary, historical, theological, and philosophical inquiries through the overarching lens of how it relates to Orthodox life and thought. The Areopagus is evangelistic in spirit and scope, always attempting to engage questions and concerns that will aid participants in coming to a fuller appreciation of Orthodoxy and what it has to offer to life in the 21st century.




Metanoia: Classical. Christian. Liberal Arts.


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